The aim of a fitness competitor is an athletic, beautiful and feminine body. Achieving this aim requires commitment, dedication and sometimes sacrifices. All training is carefully planned, intensive and above all, regular.
Due to the multidimensional nature of fitness, the training required is also more broad-ranged compared to for instance bodybuilding. Training includes appropriate amounts of gym workout, cardiovascular exercise and body conditioning. Dieting season and off season alternate in the life of a fitness competitor, depending on the competition schedule. Diet and exercise are planned according to the season, in order to be in top shape for competition.
My training routine is divided into three tough weeks and one lighter week. I train with large weights as well as forced repetitions. Not all series have to be taken to completion or repeated, but it is important that some are, to develop more roundness in the muscles. During the fourth week I use lighter weights with more repetitions, to give my muscles a chance to the recover.
Each series consists of between 8 and 20 repetitions, depending on the movement and the training week. Before starting, I warm up for 10 minutes on the exercise bike. I finish off each workout with light stretching.
      military press /dumbbell military press3 x
      rear deltoid4 x
      upright row2-3 x
      bent over dumbbell rear deltoid raise3 x
      glute kickback3-4 x
      leg curl2-4 x
      seated calf raise and standing calf raise 3-6 x
      wide-grip lat pulldown3 x
      seated cable rows/ hammer / with chest support3 x
      straigth arm pulldown3 x
      concentration bicep curls1 x 21
      cable crunch4-6 x
      abdominal crunch2-4 x
      aerobic exercise45 min.
      leg extension3 x
      leg curl3 x
      barbell full and hack squat/ press /lunges3 x
      leg curl3-6 x
      calves3-4 x
      back kick3-4 x
      abdominal roller3-4 x
      barbell squat to a bench3-4 x
      dumbbell military press / smith military press3 x
      rear deltoid (peck-dec + string)3 x 15
      bent over dumbbell rear deltoid raise3 x
      wide-grip lat pulldown3 x
      bent over one-arm long bar row3 x
      row with a string (tension)3 x
      peck-dec3 x
    During the diet season, which starts five months before a competition, I start off each morning with a walk. I walk for 30-60 minutes, keeping my pulse at about 120. A walk in fresh air works wonders! Twice a week I top off my training at the gym with about 30-40 minutes of time on the exercise bike. My work as a dance teacher also ensures that I get my share of exercise, and my fast-paced classes are an integral part of my cardio training.
    I stretch all of the muscle groups each day. Even light stretching helps the muscles recover after strain and improves overall performance. Light stretching in the morning as well starts the day off on the right note. I stretch thoroughly at least once a week. Thorough stretches should be done with plenty of time and care, and not until 1-2 hours have passed since working out at the gym. At least one minute of stretching per muscle limbers you up quickly. Stretching with a partner is more fun, and when you have another person to help, you don’t need to tense other muscles. It is important to try and relax during stretching.
    Massages are a good way to take care of your muscles and help them recover. I have a massage every two weeks.
    It is equally important to remember to rest and relax. You enjoy training and life more, when you learn to listen to you body!
    A part of my job as a professional in the field is coaching other fitness competitors. I draw up exercise regimes, diet plans and choreograph fitness routines. As a visiting instructor, I teach classes at different events: congresses, theme days and private events. Contact me, to plan a dance class to fit your wishes! Or hire one of our dance groups Hot Gossip Dancers or Havana Club, to bring razzle and dazzle to the occasion.