• IFBB Figure Pro Competitor
  • Dance instructor, dancer, choreographer
  • Owner and manager of dance school Hip Hop House
    I was launched into a career as a fitness professional after winning the Finnish Fitness championships in 2000. As a Figure Pro, I now compete abroad several times a year, mainly in the United States. My success in competition in the spring of 2003 in Hungary led to the fulfillment of a major goal: I was invited to compete in Figure Olympia in the fall of 2004.
    Fitness is a way of life for me. As well as competing, I host fitness seminars, coach other competitors and judge. I am fascinated by the esthetic side of the sport, as well as the possibility of testing my limits. I love performing and I have a strong competitive drive. The versatile and demanding nature of Figure competitions constantly provide me with the challenges I crave.
    2012 Pro Figure Australia, Melbourne) 9th place
    2011 Pro Figure Australia, Melbourne) 10th place
    2010 Pro Figure (Auckland, New Zealand) 5th place
    2009 Pro Figure (New York, USA) 16th place
    2009 Pro Figure Masters (Atlantic City, USA) 15th place
    2009 Pro Figure Open (Atlantic City, USA) 16th place
    2009 Pro Figure (Orlando, USA) 15th place
    2006 Pro Figure (Amsterdam, Hollanti) 8th place
    2006 Pro Figure (Denver, USA) 16th place
    2006 Pro Figure (Pittsburgh, USA) 16th place
    2005 Pro Figure (Toronto, Kanada) 15th place
    2005 Pro Figure (Los Angeles,California, USA) 17th place
    2004 Figure Olympia (Las Vegas, USA) 15th place
    2004 Pro Figure (Debrecen, Hungary) 3rd place
    2004 Pro Figure (Los Angeles,California, USA) 20th place
    2003 Pro Figure (Jan Tana, Carolina, USA) 16th place
    2003 Pro Figure Night of the Champion (New York, USA) 17th place
    2003 Pro Figure (Pittsburgh, USA) 16th place
    2001 Professional license
    2000 Fitness World Championships (Poland)
    2000 Fitness Finnish Championships 1st place
    1992 Fitness Finnish Championships
    Dance is my other great passion in life, as well as my profession. I began studying classical ballet in 1974. Since then, throughout my childhood and youth I studied different types of dance with several teachers. Various dance courses and study trips have also taken me abroad (London, Toronto, Paris, Los Angeles, New York).
    I have been teaching dance for a living since 1988, focusing mainly on show dance and urban street dances. I also teach master classes at different events. In 1996 I founded my own dance school, Hip Hop House in Tampere, Finland and in 2004 expanded with another dance school, Salsa House. Our schools are among the best of their kind in Finland, and our most accomplished dancers compete at international level.
    Throughout the course of my career, I have danced in several performing dance groups, including the Musical Theater of Tampere and Bolero. Currently I manage the professional show dance group Hot Gossip Dancers. I have choreographed and directed for television, several fashion shows, fitness competitions and performing artists.
    During the years 1994-1996 I appeared on television in the Finnish version of American Gladiators under the alias Scorpio.